Buoy Basics

All-green and all-red companion buoys indicate that the boating channel is between them.

The “flow” in Bay Lake is basically from the primary inlet in Hunter’s Bay to the primary outlet in White Hawk Bay. So when you’re traveling toward Hunter’s Bay you’re going “upstream”.

Red buoy is on the right side of the channel when facing upstream.


Most of our point markers are shown below.

The Rule:
Do not go between the marker and the point.

The Rule:
Stay Away

These are hard to see but it’s worth trying because this is our most complicated area.

This picture is looking south between Isle of Pines (left) and Content (right) with Church Island in the background.

Go between the buoys marking the points and the buoys marking the rocks & shallow area.

The numbers on this depth map are upside down but you can see the shallow area between the markers.

What you can’t see are the rocks.

What is the no wake rule in Minnesota?

The term “no wake” means that watercraft must move at the slowest possible speed necessary to maintain steerage, but in no case greater than 5 mph.

First Narrows:

Second Narrows:

Buoy Contact Information:

Karl Krueger: 612-701-3773

Feel free to call with any questions.Please leave a message and I will answer as soon as possible.